Epic Saga Publishing is currently just one guy, David M. Fitzpatrick. That's me. I'm a fiction writer with a love of short stories and speculative fiction, whether science fiction, fantasy, or supernatural horror. My anthologies are primarily about those genres.

My goal is to build Epic Saga's stable of niche titles. Instead of publishing, selling a few copies, and closing the title down, I'll leave the titles live and work to drive interest. My hope is that I will sell a few of each title here, a few there; eventually, when the stable of titles has built up, I hope this venture can support itself. And I hope that people who enjoy one title might decide to try another.

To learn more about me and my writing, visit www.fitz42.net/writer.

Small Press

According to Wikipedia, citing the 2007 Writer's Market (as of March 2011), "small press" refers to any publisher publishing 10 titles or fewer every year, give or take. It also cites a figure that says a small press is any publisher with less than $50 million in annual sales, after returns and discounts. Obviously, those are two very divergent criteria. A press could have 100 titles and sell 1,000 copies of each, which might make money, but sales will likely be significantly less than a fifty million bucks.

For true "small" presses, the term "independent press" or "indie press" is often used. I guess that's me. As of this writing, Epic Saga Publishing consists of one guy--the one who typed this. I have a partner as we head towards incorporating for tax purposes, and he'll handle the books, but the rest of it is me. I come up with anthology titles, put out calls for submissions, read subs, accept or reject, and fill the anthologies. I edit them and work closely with writers to clean up trouble spots, as I'm more interested in good storytelling than perfect grammar (although I insist on a reasonable level of mastery of the English language). I lay out the books, send PDF proofs to the contributors, read them again, design the covers, and send the files to the printer. I market without a budget, get the word out about the titles to appropriate venues, and handle the day-to-day sales aspects. And I do all of this while working a day job elsewhere.

I'd love nothing more than to do this full time. I don't need to get rich doing it. I just need to find talented writers who can contribute to original projects and get them out there. I'll still do that... but darn that day job getting in the way!


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