I prefer that you submit stories without querying.

However, if you really feel strongly about a story that violates the submission guidelines for an anthology (such as it's too long or the genre might not be right), PLEASE query me. Don't waste both our times. If you catch my interest in a query, I'll likely want to have a look.

If you have questions of any other nature, don't hesitate to email me. I'm interested in hearing about suggestions for anthologies, anthology projects you'd like to edit and have me publish, or possibly other book projects of other natures. I'm interested primarily in sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural horror, but given that I have a book of poetry, a book of chess variants, and a book of English figures of speech in the works, you can see that I'm versatile.

What I'm about is niche publications. If it's new, unique, original, rare, not done to death, quirky, or otherwise interesting, I might well be interested.

You can find me at:

editor AT epicsagapub DOT com


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