Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you print and distribute your books?

A: Books are produced using a print-on-demand service through Ingram's Lightning Source, which also distributes them. The profit margin isn't as wide as doing a print run, but it costs substantially less than paying for a print run. Read more about POD here.

Q: Can your books be purchased at (bookseller name)?

A: The books have ISBNs, which mean they can be purchased anywhere that sells books. That includes online venues such as Amazon, book chains such as Barnes & Noble, and local bookstores.

Q: I've heard you're slow as an editor. Is this true?

A: Yes. This isn't my day job. I'm also very picky about what I publish, and if it takes five years from start to finish on an anthology, then that's what it takes. I make no secret of this, which is why all my anthologies are open until filled. I demand quality writing, excellent handling of English, and a particular type of story structure. Read more about my requirements here.

Q: I've heard you'll work closely with writers. Is this true?

A: As many of my contributors will tell you, I work very closely with them. While I'm a stickler for mechanics, if a story grabs me, it grabs me, and I'll work with an author to make it better. I believe "editor" means "one who edits," not just "one who chooses stories." Any editor can choose stories he likes and publish them. I choose them based on quality of writing and story structure, and then I edit them.

Q: What sort of payments and contracts do you offer?

A: Usually $500 and up in shared royalties on open-ended contracts. Read more about payments and contracts here.

Q: Do you only do science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror?

A: No, although that's my current focus. But forthcoming titles include a three-volume book of poetry, a book of chess variants, a book about figures of speech, and many others.


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