Salacious Tales 2
Erotic Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

First, read my five requirements for submitting to any of my anthologies.

Now, if the idea of erotica offends you, you won't like this one.

Salacious Tales published in 2013. It was about the most fun I've ever had doing anything creative. With many talented writers, I published a 500-page, 22-story anthology that was beautifully illustrated by Aleksandar Žiljak. Aleksandar, who also contributed fiction to the anthology, gave us stunning cover art, and did 23 interior B&W illustrations for the 22 stories.

We haven't been getting rich off this, but it was so much fun I'm doing it again with Salacious Tales 2. This is open until filled.

What I Want

I want science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror of all stripes. With it, I want erotic elements. This can be as simple as sexual suggestion or titillation or as graphic as hardcore erotica.

I don't want the kind of sex tales you're apt to find in adult magazines; the story must be about more than people having sex. Like any stories I publish, these must be STORIES, not slices of life, with plots, and with characters who grow and change before they participate in the resolution of the plot.

But these stories should be erotic, with at least one erotic encounter that must be vital to the story. Explicit language is okay. The sex doesn't need to be romantic.

Remember, the sex must be vital—not "It results in pregnancy" vital, but vital as a sexual element. Don't take your latest space-trekking story and toss in a "Captain of the ship bags the green alien" scene. Don't take a sword-and-sorcery tale where the human rescues the elven princess and throw in a screw session between them. The sex should matter in some way to the story, and ideally be integral. (NOTE: I get A LOT of stories that clearly are these, where it's obvious a writer pulled an unsold story from his inventory, threw in a sex scene, and sent it along. Folks, I can tell. Even if you wove it in seamlessly, I can tell if you didn't read these guidelines and the erotic elements are only incidental to the plot. Yes, I get that your vampire story depends on the sex because the poor heroine was raped by a vampire, which sets up the birth of her half-vamp child, but that's not enough.

What I Don't Want

With the first ST, I said I wanted male/female encounters because, as a heterosexual male, I wasn't a good judge at what constituted good LGBT erotica. Despite those guidelines, inevitably some people complained. I'll repeat my original note here: If you feel you have a piece with LGBT characters that a hetero male editor would see as erotic, send it along. I may find myself surprised. Even I wrote a story about two women in love for ST1, and there was another lesbian story. (And if you're interested in me doing an LGBT version of ST, let me know. I'd be very interested in working with a serious editor who is LGBT.)

Obviously, in spec-fic, there are endless opportunities for atypical male/female relationships. In ST1, we had a man with an android female, a woman with a computer-generated male, a woman voluntarily engaging in a gang-bang with a hundred alien males, and so forth.

Make it original, make it titillating, make it passionate, make it a good story, and make me not put it down until I need a cold shower. If it works, I won't care about the characters' sexual preferences.


In general, I'm looking for stories from 3,000 to 9,000 words; however, I am unlikely to accept long stories unless they're very, very good. Long stories mean multiple shorter stories won't make the cut.


As always, until filled. I am very picky and slow to fill, which you'd know if you read my five requirements.

How to Submit

Observing everything under my five requirements, submit to


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