Otherworld Hearts
Romantic Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

First, read my five requirements for submitting to any of my anthologies.

After having so much fun doing Salacious Tales, which published in 2013, and deciding to do a sequel, I began thinking about the non-erotic aspects of that anthology. ST had sex as vital parts to all the stories, but many of the stories had romance as part of their stories. Having a story of my own that qualifies as speculative romance, and over the years finding very few potential markets for it, I've decided to do Otherworld Hearts.

Like Salacious Tales, illustrator Aleksandar Žiljak will do the cover art and interior illustrations for the stories.

What I Want

I want science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror of all stripes. With it, I want romantic elements. Whatever else the story is about, a romantic relationship should be key to the story.

I don't want the kind of formulaic, cardboard romantic junk you read in cheap romance paperbacks. The story must be about more than people being in love. Like any stories I publish, these must be STORIES, not slices of life, with plots, and with characters who grow and change before they participate in the resolution of the plot.

But these stories should be romantic, with a romance between two people (or more) that is vital to the story. Perhaps the captain of the starship has a vital mission to complete, but he's fallen in love with his first officer and must juggle the two. Whatever you do, the romance must matter. Sex is okay, but make it off-screen or at the very least not described in detail. (If erotica is your thing, consider a story for Salacious Tales 2.)

Remember, the romance must be vital—not "She finds her true love while something else is going on" vital, but vital as a romantic element. The romance should be important to the plot, and ideally be integral.

Make the romantic element hopelessly intertwined with the plot. The stories can also be pure romance stories, so long as they take place due to the spec-fic element.

What I Don't Want

I don't want stories in which the romance is a subplot, an aftereffect, or just there to spruce up your characters.

Make it original, make it romantic, and make it a romance that anyone can read. If you write a Harlequin Romance set on a spaceship, it probably won't fly.

I don't want weak writing.

I don't want over-the-top boy-rescues-girl stories with no more depth than that.

I don't want weak heroines whose only role is to swoon at the hero.

I don't want stories that only appeal to women. Men say they don't like romances, but I think most of them do—when they're not Harlequin Romance-style. With any good spec-fic setting, a strong plot, and deep characters, romance is a natural fit and can appeal to anyone.


In general, I'm looking for stories from 3,000 to 9,000 words; however, I am unlikely to accept long stories unless they're very, very good. Long stories mean multiple shorter stories won't make the cut.


As always, until filled. I am very picky and slow to fill, which you'd know if you read my five requirements.

How to Submit

Observing everything under my five requirements, submit to editor@epicsagapub.com.


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